Puakea x Athlete Agenda Gorge Downwind Camp 2023

$395.00 Sold Out

Puakea Designs x Athlete Agenda Gorge Downwind Camp 2023

Monday, July 10th, 2023
10am-5pm (1 Day Camp)
Skamania Fairgrounds, Stevenson, WA
10 spots available (minimum number of spots is 8)
LEVEL: Beginner+

Total Price: $395 which includes a copy of The Athlete Agenda and a Puakea Hat

What this camp includes:
Join Gorge Downwind Women's OC1 Champion and Puakea Team Rider April Zilg for a FULL DAY OF DOWNWIND AWESOMENESS! This full-day workshop will cover safety and skills before heading out on the water for flat water technique session. Once we've got our feet wet, we'll head back to the beach to discuss what to look for, how to catch bumps, and go over some drills you can include in your training to improve your downwind skills throughout the year before doing our first Home Valley downwind run. At the completion of the first run, we'll shuttle back to the fairgrounds and break for lunch. After lunch, we'll take an hour to discuss the first run and address questions before hitting the water for round 2 of downwinding! Both runs will include personal attention for all paddlers, with the group stopping every half mile to reconvene, ask questions and swap out who is receiving the one-on-one coaching (although, ALL participants are encouraged to paddle alongside each paddler as they're learning because we often learn best by observing and hearing what others are learning). Once on the beach, we'll discuss any last-minute questions, training considerations, and hand out copies of The Athlete Agenda (all 10 registrants get a free copy and additional copies will be available for purchase) for you to use in your paddle goal-setting and to reflect on everything you learned so you can take it home with you and practice!

This one day camp is programmed for those looking to improve in downwind conditions while learning some technique and how to set up a training plan that works for them.

Our goal is for each paddler to come out of this camp with more confidence in themselves on and off the water.

To participate in the camp, each paddler must:
- Able to paddle for 2 hours in one session.
- Comfortable swimming in open ocean/downwind conditions.
- Notify Puakea Designs and Coaches of any medical condition that could affect your ability to perform at the paddling camp. Please let us know in the form we will send out to camp registrants.
- Sign the Liability Waiver: https://form.jotform.com/Prmwaivers/puakea-designs--liability-waiver

Your safety is our #1 priority which is why this camp is capped.

Important Notes: All Campers must supply their own craft and have a way to transport it. They must also supply their own paddle and hydration for camp. Campers must wear a PFD and leash during the on-water sessions of this camp. Location of each session will depend on the weather and our session goals.

Shuttle: We will be running our own canoe shuttle for this camp. We may need a few campers to help shuttle cars to shuttle people for this camp. Please let us know in the form we will send out to camp registrants if you can help shuttle a car.

Rentals: If you do not have access to a canoe, please let us know in the form we will send out to camp registrants so we can coordinate a canoe rental for you. We have limited rentals available on this day, so this will be on a first come, first serve basis. This is not a guaranteed service. $150 rental fee for the day on top of camp cost.

Refund Policy:
- within 30 days of purchase - full refund
- after 30 days to 30 days before the camp - full refund minus $25 service fee
- within 30 days of the camp starting - full refund minus $100 service fee
- once the camp begins there are no refunds

Please email kelly@puakeadesigns.com if you have any questions.

If the camp is sold out, please email Kelly at Kelly@puakeadesigns.com to be put on the waiting list. Waitlisted paddlers will be added on in order of wait list sign-ups when a spot opens up.