Puakea Paddle - OC1 Carbon


Currently Out of Stock. We have a few select sizes available. Please email shop@puakeadesigns.com for more info.

  • Type: Double Bend Carbon Fiber Paddle
  • Length: 46" to 53" (Custom Sizes Available)
  • Width: 9.25″ Blade
  • Weight: approx. 15 oz.
  • 110 sq. inches
  • Yellow accent

    Like our original Puakea paddle, our new OC1 paddle features the classic teardrop blade design with a double-bend shaft. The very slight scoop on the leading edge of the blade allows it to enter the water cleanly, with a nice catch, yet allows it to exit quickly and cleanly as well. At the catch position, the double-bend oval shaft (smaller in diameter than our original paddle) promotes a comfortable, loose grip and relaxed wrist. This paddle can be ordered with an all carbon or wood shaft. All our carbon paddles, unlike most carbon paddles, feature enough flex to be easy on the joints.

    Standard sizes: 46-53, Custom sizes: any size lower than 46, any size higher than 53, and half sizes.
    Limited inventory in stock. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks production time before your order ships.
    We use USPS first-class mail to ship our orders.

    LOCAL PICKUP OPTION: please use the code "oc1clocal" at checkout to indicate you would like to pick up your paddle locally in the Southern California area. You will be contacted directly for your pickup location.

    Out of Stock. More inventory coming soon!